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Select schools vote overwhelmingly to form separate organization within LHSAA
July 29, 2019, 7:17 am


Select schools in Louisiana voted 66-1 Monday in Lafayette to ratify a constitution and form an organization to act on their behalf, primarily as it relates to state championships in football, basketball, baseball and softball.

The Louisiana Select Association, or LSA, will officially still operate under the auspices of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association and member schools must still pay LHSAA dues.

Catholic High athletic director J.P. Kelly has been chosen as the CEO of the organization, and a 10-member executive committee was chosen – one member from each of the five divisions of select schools, and one member from each of the five equally-divided regions of select members.

Kelly felt Monday was a very good day for select schools in Louisiana.

“There was a lot of energy today to do a lot to help student-athletes,” Kelly said. “In February, the LHSAA sent an e-mail telling us we were in charge of our championships. Things started to click then.

“We realized that this was important and we had to make it special for our student-athletes. Today was the culmination of that. We have ratified the constitution. Now, we have a chance to make our championships the very best we can possibly be.”

Kelly was particularly pleased with the near-unanimous support for the LSA.

“The support for this year was overwhelming,” Kelly said. “The biggest momentum from today was that people wanted the organization and people clearly want to work together to get great venues and to get unbelievable championships. Many different colleges and venues around the state want our business. That is clear. We have a great opportunity.”

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