Byrd softball coach Mark Lambert has resigned and accepted a teaching/coaching position at Parkway, while former Loyola softball coach Kristen Cole has been hired to replace him, The Times has learned.

Cole, who played for the late Richard Lary at Huntington, now takes over the last softball program her mentor coached. Cole also played one year for Lambert, a close friend of Lary’s.

“I am still mad at Richard for leaving before my senior year to coach at one of our competitors,” Cole said tongue-in-cheek. “I am super excited about being at Byrd because I know the softball tradition at this school, even back to my playing days. The Lady Jackets have always been a competitive program and I want to continue that.”

Lambert’s teaching position at Byrd was part of nine that were eliminated this year by Byrd principal Jerry Badgley, who said he was happy to have Cole on his staff as an Algebra I and II teacher, and coach.

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